We have a team of experienced sushi chef that are available to take your order

We have a team of experienced sushi chef that are available to take your order

The entire ingredient used in the preparation are fresh ones, we don’t use stale ingredients

Our recipe is made by a world-class sushi chef

For preservation sake, our sushi is packaged and stored in a thermal ice box, which helps in preserving and making it look fresh on its arrival.

Sushi planet was founded by a team of world-class sushi chefs that are interested in promoting their special and unique recipe to the world. These chefs are concerned about providing real sushi that is fresh and tasty and delicious to the people. Every sushi that is created is adequately arranged to build a unique menu that you cannot find anywhere. Every menu that is available on the website has passed through several rigorous stages of inspection and nutrition process.

We always ensure that our customer receives the highest quality and healthy sushi more than which any of our competitors can offer. Also, we make sure that every menu that we create is very healthy and that it meets dietary guideline. Our goal is to sell high-quality sushi at the affordable price with fast delivery. Our products arrive at our customer’s address, fresh and delicious. The makeup of chefs and the development team always make sure that our new product is updated on a daily basis.


  • Martin Moore
    Posted June 16, 2017 12:37 pm 0Likes

    We like this sushi bar a lot! The atmosphere is amazing and welcoming, and me and my friends love to hang out there and have some tasty seafood!

    • Mark Chapman
      Posted June 16, 2017 12:38 pm 0Likes

      Thanks for the awesome delivery service! It’s really fast and the food is hot and spicy – just how I like it!

      • Miki Williams
        Posted June 16, 2017 12:39 pm 0Likes

        We’re happy to be in yout top fav list! Please subscribe.

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