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Welcome To Asia Garden
who we are

Our top Sushi chef puts our tradition above the soul and carefully makes every piece of our sushi. We carefully select the best and fresh seafood directly from the fishing port on a daily basis. We make sure that every sushi that we ship to our customer is fresh.

Why should you buy from us?

who we are

We purchase fresh seafood directly from the fishing port on a daily basis which guarantees you that you will always have fresh supplies from us. The vegetable products used in our preparations are taken directly from the farm and are stored in our warehouse. We store our food in a control room temperature to that keep them fresh and prevent the presence of germ or bacteria in our products. The entire ingredient that we use is from a high-quality manufacturing process that has passed through strict quality control inspection.

Also as part of our storage process, we pack our food in cold thermal bags with 360-degree ice packed together with a thick ply of carton box that keeps our food fresh and cold on its arrival at your home. Every product before leaving our warehouse passes through our laboratory processing stage which ensures that all our seafood is fresh.

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